Chris Matthews Says He No Longer Thinks Presidential Polls Are ‘Honest’

May 07, 2017

WASHINGTON – Chris Matthews, host of Hardball on MSNBC, told PJM he is “rooting” for President Trump to “break out and become a popular president” and that the media should not accept low approval rating polls at face value.

Matthews said he “used to think” presidential polls were “honest” but not anymore.

“I went along because I used to think they were honest. I thought they were true. They were wrong. They didn’t understand that people don’t trust pollsters and they weren’t going to give a straight answer,” Matthews said. “Here’s one, the Susquehanna poll in Pennsylvania, ready? When they polled people with a live person on the phone, Hillary won by 8. When they polled with a tape recording, Trump won by 2, that’s my point. People were willing to say they’re for Trump if there wasn’t anyone listening. It’s just a fact. It’s a fact. This is my expertise.”

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