Colorado Governor ‘Can Count on One Hand’ Teachers Who Have Wanted to be Armed

March 04, 2018

WASHINGTON – Colorado Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper said he is open to considering a proposal to train and arm teachers but he doubts many of them would want that responsibility.

Hickenlooper told PJM he visited more than 160 public schools as mayor of Denver shortly after the Columbine mass shooting and hardly any teachers indicated that they wanted the ability to carry firearms.

“I’ve probably talked to 1,000 teachers and this was not too long after Columbine happened in 1999, and we discussed those kinds of questions all the time. I can count on one hand the number of people that wanted to be trained and wanted to be carrying handguns or weapons in their schools,” Hickenlooper said at the National Governors Association winter meeting over the weekend.

“So I think if there’s a large number of people that want to take the training and make sure they are fully equipped to do this, anything we can do to make our schools safer I think we should look at, but I don’t think most teachers are going to want anything to do with that,” he added.

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