Arnold Schwarzenegger Says ‘Fossil Fuels Will Kill Us’

March 26, 2019

WASHINGTON – Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Calif.) warned young people that “fossil fuels will kill us” if the U.S. doesn’t switch to renewable energy.

Schwarzenegger said the U.S. is the “greatest country in the world” and young people need to help it stay number one by calling on politicians to address climate change and the growing deficit and national debt.

“Today it’s around $360-400 million per household that they owe so you guys are going to pay it off, that is the interesting thing about it, so this is why young kids should get involved in politics especially in fair representation and in redistricting reform pretty heavily because you want Congress to make decisions that give you a rosy future,” Schwarzenegger said during a discussion on gerrymandering at the National Press Club on Tuesday with former Attorney General Eric Holder.

“America basically gives you, anyway, a great future because it’s the greatest country in the world and I can tell you that because I travel all over the world and I have no one come up to me and say, ‘Arnold can you help me get to China or can you help me, I want to go live in the Middle East or can you help me to live in Africa or can you help me to live in Australia?’ No, it’s all about, ‘can you help me get to America?’ That’s where everyone wants to go is America,” he added.

Schwarzenegger, who traveled to the event in a Chevrolet Suburban SUV, continued, “With all of our ills, we’re still the number one country in the world but we need to keep it the number one country in the world.”

The Terminator actor said millions of people die each year because of pollution.

“So therefore it’s very important for you to get involved to fight and to get rid of fossil fuels because fossil fuels will kill us and fossil fuels will create global climate change. Now I’ve studied this issue very well,” he said, referring to himself as an environmental “crusader” who is advocating for fully electric cars and the elimination of fossil fuels around the world.